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Why Dubai is an Attractive City For Property Investment?

Dubai property prices are inexpensive in contrast to other similar trading hubs all over the world, and are up by more than 20% previously two years. There is scope for an amazing further rise, and certain properties have doubled in value already.Real estate always has a recurring value, although prices can certainly fall as well as rise. But property values won't ever fall to zero unlike shares and hedge funds. Aside from that, rental income from property is a stable source of income, and whilst it might fluctuate, is highly unlikely to vanish altogether.

Dubai properties feature attractive villas, luxurious bungalows, compact apartments and studios. Investing in Dubai properties gives assured returns of at least thirty percent. Different ranges of residential units in Dubai are offered to accommodate the necessity of the buyer. Single four room apartments are available along with variety of sea views. Different entertainment facilities are offered under single roof and hence Dubai is regarded as one of many perfection holiday destinations in the world. Retail outlets, health and sports club, medical facilities, hotels, offices, restaurants are some facilities available.Dubai properties involve innovative projects which are interesting and lucrative for almost any buyer be it for residing purpose or as a long haul investment. Dubai is understandably one of many fastest growing markets in the world today as far as properties are concerned.


Investors normally have more control over the type, timing and size of real-estate investments. This is partly since they're tangible and easier to understand, and diversification is easily obtainable in the proper execution of different types of property. Dubai property is open to any investor from anywhere in the world, unlike the local stock market. This means greater liquidity and more funds in the marketplace.

Recently commercial properties in Creek Harbour Dubai draw the attention of the investors. Several investors prefer to invest in commercial properties since there is an acute shortage. Multinationals are planning to set up their new businesses while a number of them are planning for considerable expansion of these existing business firms thereby acquiring new properties. Reports claim that the existing situation is likely to be continued for few years. Owing to the increasing demand for commercial spaces there is a rapid raise in the rental rates. Ongoing projects like Dubai International Financial Center and Business Bay have appropriate plans to increase to method of getting commercial properties. Business people prefer to get their own commercial properties in Dubai

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-26 11:13)

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Hotels in Dubai: Suite Novotel, Mall of the Emirates

Suite Novotel, Mall of the Emirates

Suite novotel is linked to the ibis mall of the emirates in Al Barsha, inside a stone's throw of Mall of the Emirates, set back from the Sheikh Zayed Road. Whilst lots of construction is going on in this area, it's not without its charm, and for convenience you can't go wrong. It's ten minutes from beautiful beaches, Madinat Jumeirah Residences and Burj Al Arab, and a maximum of 20 minutes from Dubai centre.


Suite Novotel is designed with flexible living in mind. The idea is that the area can be utilized to match you. The rooms, which are bigger than your average college accommodation, could be divided up into separate sleeping and living areas with pull-across curtain partitions. The style is fresh and modern, with splashes of colour amongst more subdued creams and beiges. In the biggest suites, a spinning TV reaches each end, to help you watch it from wherever you're sitting. Curtains separate the beds. Rooms may contain a queen-size bed, a sofa bed and an individual bed. This is ideal for families with several children, and what we like is that style hasn't been compromised in just about any way. Bathrooms are modern and stylish.

The restaurants are shared with the Ibis - the Italian restaurant, Amici, is contemporary and chic, but don't expect gastronomic delights. Breakfast is a buffet, and there's a wide range of food to match all tastes. If you prefer, you could have it in your room at no extra cost. The Deli Boutique is a trendy little cafe. Ezaz, the lounge bar, is a laid-back place to unwind throughout the day or evening.

The gym on the roof, whilst small, is light and airy, and a good pool area is surrounded by foliage. Because it is linked to the Ibis hotel on every floor, guests from both hotels are absolve to wander between the two and utilize the facilities in each. However, Ibis guests are unable to use Suite Novotel's e-corner and have to cover to make use of its pool and gym.

The Address Dubai Marina

We can't help but believe the place of this hotel misses the idea to be in the Dubai Marina. Sure, you get great views of the yachts below, but you're an excellent 15-minute walk from the sea, even though the large, infinity-edge pool on the fourth floor goes some method to make up for it. If that you do not mind a stroll, though, you've the open beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence and the cafes and shops of The Walk quite nearby.
The hotel can also be mounted on the Marina Mall, which is a more manageable size than most of Dubai's mega-temples to consumerism and comes with an edited choice of fashion and lifestyle stores and a tiny choice of cafes.

The hotel itself comes with an upscale French restaurant, Rive Gauche, which has received consistently good reviews; Mazina, which has live cooking stations where you could eat your way around the world; a poolside cafe that becomes a DJ bar during the night; and Blends - a moodily-lit bar with a cigar room.

The guest rooms will be the cream and cappuccino colours that the group has made its trademark, with floor-to-ceiling feature windows. The hotel has excellent conference facilities, with a ballroom that will accommodate 1,000 people, and 15 meeting rooms.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-25 17:46)

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Dubai - The Perfect Vacation Destination

The revamped Dubai might be young but it is high in everything tourists want from a great vacation. The best possible shops and restaurants line streets of Dubai and there are so several things to do that a 14 days won't be adequate to get at them all. Dubai has become among typically the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

                                                   summer creek beach

Ride the Dunes

When you yourself have ever taken a ride in a dune buggy, you've experienced a tiny taste of what's awaiting you in the desert of Dubai. When you be in an SUV driven with a specially trained desert driver, you're embarking on the knowledge of a lifetime. Dune bashing, or riding up and down the dunes at top speed for a number of hours and then ending the evening with dinner and dancing is the perfect way to combine adventure and romance. If dinner and music is not to your to your liking, you might continue steadily to ride the dunes well in to the evening. Dune bashing is a favorite attraction in Dubai.

Ski the Great Indoors

Who ever could have thought there would be skiing in Dubai? Who ever could have thought there would be skiing anywhere that is located inside a building? But there is and it is a wonderful experience. The Mall of Emirates contains one of the largest ski centers and rents out all the apparatus you need. The temperature in the ski area is -4 degrees Celsius - enough to keep the snow from melting and the fun from ending. Like that have been not enough, a brand new indoor ski center opens up in 2010 -- the Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome in Dubailand.

From Snow to Sand - Dubai's Beaches

If warm sand, water and beaches are more to your liking, Dubai offers unbelievable beaches. The water temperatures average 22 degrees Celsius in the winter and 35 in the summer Creek Beach. Be sure to use sunscreen when hanging out on Dubai's beautiful beaches. If diving is on your brain, Fujairah, Sharjah and Khor Fakkan are less than two hours away. Dive the coral reefs and spending some time mingling with the marine life living off the coast of Dubai.

Cruise the Creek

Shipping once defined the very existence of Dubai. Ports that once served African, Indian and Middle Eastern trading ships are actually viewable from a fascinating cruise down Dubai Creek. It's not only the ports which can be interesting. The Dubai Creek Cruise will get you past numerous historical buildings that return back hundreds of years.

Sand Golfing

Don't let deficiencies in green grass stop you from enjoying a round of golf. Dubai thumbs its nose at convention and offers tourists the opportunity to play golf in the sand. Other golf courses penalize for balls that land in the sand. Here, landing in sand is par for the course - so to speak.

Up, Up and Away in a Beautiful Balloon

Who hasn't dreamed of having a ride in a hot air balloon? A sunrise or sunset ride through the skies above the mountains and deserts of Dubai can be a dream come true. After having a day of fun, experience beautiful Dubai from the skies.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-21 17:45)

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Dubai Introduces Greater Transparency and Purchaser Protection into Its Property Laws

Dubai Property Law and freehold: Overview:

Just before 1999 Non-GCC expatriates resident in Dubai were only permitted to rent or own property under UAE federal law approved 99-year leasehold interests.In 2002 - the Dubai government announced so it would permit expatriates your can purchase freehold property in selected projects - and instantly created the Dubai international property sector.

Earlier projects have been commenced by the Dubai Government owned or part owned Emaar and Nakheel Properties.Emaar started with Dubai Marina in 1999 - and later with the Emirates Living Community projects - Emirates Hills, The Meadows, The Springs, The Lakes, and The Views - which were initially offered on a leasehold basis - and subsequently on a freehold basis.

In May 2002 - Dubai's then Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - signed a decree permitting foreigner investors including local residents - to get and own freehold property in selected projects - and the Dubai property sector rapidly grew in proportions and importance immediately after this.

Nakheel concurrently launched the Palm Jumeirah - as a freehold project - and all previously developed leasehold property was automatically converted to freehold.The newest 2002 freehold policy - and the decision by the major government owned master developers - to subdivide master plots into individual sub plots on the market to other developers opened industry to new entrants such as:

Damac Properties, 
Dubai Properties, 
ETA Star Properties, 
Union Property.

Even though the freehold liberalization policy was announced in 1999 - it wasn't officially incorporated into regulations before the 14th of March 2006 - when the Dubai government issued a law authorizing foreign ownership of property in designated project areas of DubaiWith the freehold property law in effect - any property purchased with a foreigner is listed under their name for life - and this enables the property to be registered with the

Dubai Government Lands Department.

The master then has full rights over the utilization and possession of the property including the proper to offer, lease or rent it.
Registration of property including off plan units: Law no 14:

Law no 14 arrived to effect in Dubai in October 2008 - and requires all off-plan units to be registered with Dubai Lands Department - that will make the Dubai property market a better area for home purchasers and investors - and responds to past complaints from investors - especially off-plan investors.

The newest law also establishes a necessary procedure applicable to any developer seeking to terminate a purchase and purchase contract.
The newest property law requires that the sale of all off-plan properties be fully registered with the Land Department before they may be resold.
This can have an all natural slowing impact on the rate of which any property could be subject to speculation - and be flipped and resold.

The registration information must include:
the name of the purchaser and owner; 
the worthiness of the property; 
the precise location of the property; 
any relevant mortgage or payment plan details; 
the payment history and fees paid and chargeable.

Any sale that is not registered is going to be considered void - and therefore unenforceable in any court of law.

An interim registration law arrived to effect on August 31 2008 - providing that any ownership change of off-plan properties in Dubai is going to be invalid if not registered in

RERA's Interim Register.

Upon registration - all registered sales are then officially recorded in the Land Department Register.

Sale transactions executed before regulations arrived to effect aren't exempted - and should be registered within 60 days of the laws enactment.What the law states will also prevent unscrupulous developers and agents charging transfer fees - although they will still be able to charge administration fees that will be capped - and only payable upon the Land Department's registration of the sale.

So bad news for speculators - while the registration procedure will slow down the marketplace - but good news for home owners and long term property investors who could have a well-protected title under a Torrens registration system similar to that in devote Australia.

The newest mortgage law:

The newest mortgage law - which arrived to effect on October 30 2008 - states that mortgages is going to be invalid if not registered at the Dubai Land Department or the new Interim Real Estate Register - and it sets out all procedures concerning a mortgage and its legal effects on the parties to it.It also contains execution procedures for the mortgaged property - and prescribed proper conduct between the lender and the borrower.

The mortgage law is made to provide greater regulation within the Dubai property market to safeguard buyers.

Under law 14 a mortgage may only be made available from a registered financial institution - such as a bank or finance company - and the mortgage is needed to be fully insured.

Each mortgage has to be registered with the Land Department - the important points necessary for registration being:

the amount of the mortgage; 
the worth of the property being mortgaged; 
the name of anyone to whom the cash has been lent; 
and the repayment period and terms. 

Real Estate Regulatory Authority [RERA]:

Reforms of Dubai's real-estate sector's regulations started in July 2007, when a Real Estate Regulatory Authority [RERA] was established in Dubai to create policies and to produce awareness of rights and responsibilities in the property sector.

The Strata Law:

The Strata Law was issued and arrived to effect on March 31, 2008. It defines the responsibility of property owners and developers in the management of common areas in multi-owner developments, like gated communities and apartment buildings.

Dubai Property Court:

A new specialist Dubai Property Court was established in September 2008 - solely to adjudicate over property disputes.It is likely to reduce the workload of RERA - which since it's formation - has been swamped by property cases - including many for developer project delays and noncompliance with the property developer's original description.

In conclusion the new Dubai property laws introduce a regulatory system according of the Dubai mortgage lenders market that in several respects now offers superior consumer protection to Dubai property purchasers to that made available from many western jurisdictions.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-20 09:43)

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Dubai Holidays - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Metropolis Today, Megalopolis Tomorrow


holiday homes dubai

Flamboyant, flashy, fantastic...Dubai impresses its visitors using its magical appeal. A megalopolis in the making, the town is really a microcosm of people from all nationalities. Split into two halves by the Creek; namely the Bur and the Deira region; these suburbs are colloquially'the heartbeat of the Arab World '. Home to the best in entertainment, the Bur Dubai and Deira also serve since the nerve centre of business and finance in this glittering Emirate.

Dubai Holidays will take you on a push through its smooth, asphalt roads where in actuality the imposing façade of the iconic Burj-al Arab hotel will greet you. Being probably the most visible symbol of Dubai's architectural and economic prowess this iconic hotel is now the most well-liked retreat for the swish set. Residing in this hotel could make you feel just like a legend and you could even get to be able to meet your favourite celebrity. Take time out and explore Dubai's glittering skyline by opting for a helicopter ride that'll take you to a whirlwind tour of the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Palm and the Dubai Creek. Do go to the grandly opulent Madinat Resort that houses two boutiques, a shopping centre and several eateries. Dotted with elegant waterways, Madinat is fairly comparable to an old citadel and is really a sight to behold.

With Valentine's Day (14 Feb) round the corner the web is flooded with cheap holiday homes Dubai deals to Dubai offering desert safari tours as well. These action packed tours to Dubai will take you on an exhilarating 4W drive through the hot sands and conclude just before sunset allowing you to capture on film the beauty of the setting sun. You even arrive at sample sumptuous barbecue delicacies and enjoy scintillating belly-dancing performances in the evening.

Choose a guided shopping tour of the town that'll entice the shopaholic within one to snap up exciting deals on jewellery, shoes, clothing, perfumes and a great many other items. Whiff the tantalizing aroma of spices in its open air markets or spice souks that will certainly leave you intoxicated and cause you to return for more.

Selecting a cheap holiday package to Dubai can help you make the most of your budget and allow you to shop to your heart's content. Even if you're not into shopping Dubai really has plenty of interesting choices for tourists offering amusement parks, discotheques, night clubs and fine dining restaurants that are sure to offer you a memorable holiday experience. However, don't leave Dubai before trying your hand at skiing over the 400 metre long indoor ski slope. It's sure to become a gripping experience!


Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-18 04:57)

Tags: short term rentals dubai holiday homes dubai dubai holiday homes

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Holiday Homes for Sale - Things to Look for When Buying a Holiday Home

Downtown Dubai is just a hotspot and it's one of the very visited destinations. It is just a place, where your dreams may come true. The location is arguably the house for some of the most crucial architectural wonders including the Burj Khalifa, etc. You should consider buying a condo for sale in this region to take pleasure from amenities and facilities.

dubai holiday homes

Why spend money on here?

Almost anything is possible in Downtown Dubai. Whilst the Burj Khalifa could be the tallest standing synthetic structure, there is far more to the buzzing district than simply that. There are many attractions of this type of Dubai Holiday Homes including a 155 million year old relic of a dinosaur, aquariums, malls, zoos, public parks, hotels, etc. You can easily catch a view of the inspiration that stands in the biggest market of this locality. The location has some of the best looking features that no other area would have. Moreover, it includes usage of another regions of the town by means of taxis, buses, pathways, and metro. Staying in a condo of this type is just a privilege.

Amenities and Facilities

Of course, you are able to take a go through the city from the highest vantage point that the Burj Khalifa needs to offer. You are able to take a sailing trip aboard the "abra" or enjoy the various amenities that the town needs to offer. There are many top educational institutions, medical care associations, etc. in this area. The location is ideal for families and for entertainment since it has many entertainment centers, restaurants, schools, public parks, etc. You could also find good bakeries and food joints in this area. The location even offers other facilities such as for instance apartments with 2 to 3 rooms in them. You may pick from one of the apartments, depending on their floor plans. You must, therefore, purchase a condo for sale in this area.

How to buy a condo here?

You may approach a real estate agent, who would help you purchase a condo in this locality for a small fee alongside providing you with information on how to purchase home in here. In case you are not able to locate a good real estate agent, you then should research the internet for a great one based on the reviews against each agent. You could also research on the web for informative data on the real estate in the area.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-16 07:30)

Tags: dubai holiday homes holiday homes dubai short term rentals dubai

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Dubai: A Global Talent Magnet

For some time now, expats have now been flocking to Dubai searching for an improved paying job than their domicile can provide. While Dubai's job market has not been completely immune to the impact of global economic crisis, Dubai remains one of the global talent magnets.

The town is preparing to host the World Expo 2020, which is likely to offer a big boost to the economy of Dubai, and especially to the real estate, tourism, and the job market. The Expo gold villas emaar can lead to the long-term job creation, over another seven years - and beyond.

A thrilling, vibrant city that's continuing to advance and develop, and tax-free income, make Dubai employment seeker's dream. And in addition, your competition for jobs is stiff.

expo gold villas emaar

At an instant, on every vacancy advertised, you can find a huge selection of job candidates. According to the recruitment agencies, there will be more jobs available as the economy improves. For the present time, job seekers can only be advised to be proactive to find a vacancy, and push hard for employment. Networking is among the main things you are advised to complete, either to locate or to improve employment in Dubai.

Dubai is a good area for a lifetime career change. The employers here tend to be more receptive toward these kind of moves, if you're able to show them that you have the potential and skills to bring to a job. There will be a lot of affordable training in Dubai: consider a class in Arabic language and culture, cultural awareness or similar, after you land employment in Dubai. Consider getting an MBA degree if you're aiming for a managerial position.

Since a large proportion of job seekers is highly educated, ensure that your CV spells out any little thing that may set you aside from other candidates (internships, volunteering), and be prepared to back it down when questioned about this in the interview.

There are several local customs you are advised to follow along with in the event that you manage to have an interview for employment in Dubai. In Arabic culture, it's regarded as offensive to point the sole of one's shoe toward someone. You're advised to dress conservatively: men are expected to dress in a suit and tie, and women should cover their knees and shoulders. When a female is meeting her potential employer, she should watch for a man to supply his hand first.

The recent economic crisis has just given Dubai a way to consolidate for further, more sustainable growth. It is almost certain that there will be more jobs created in the foreseeable future - and even more job candidates.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-11 14:38)

Tags: expo golf emaar parkside by emaar expo gold villas emaar emaar golf expo villas

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Ultimate Luxury Properties for Sale in Dubai

Dubai has attracted many celebrities to its shores with the promise of year around sun and Tax free status and what also attracts the rich and famous will be the luxurious villas and penthouses.

Dubai offers many exclusive villas but few come as exclusive as Al Barari villas. The Al Barari concept is of very good specification villas situated on the edge of the Dubailand development in the royal part of Nad Al Sheba. The villas are found in clusters across the royal nature reserve, Al Barari actually means wilderness.

dubai hills properties

The Villas were created for the high end market and feature 4 main designs of Acacia, Bromeli, Camelia and Dahlia. The complete project is very much on a botanical theme with 24 botanical gardens and 1000 species of plants brought in from 20 countries and actually grown in Al Bararis individual development.

Additional to the villas there would have been a collection of apartments and retails outlets and complemented by a very good specification boutique hotel.

Emirates Hills like Al Barari offers a number of the finest villas and mansions located across the exclusive world famous Golf Span of the same name. The Villas in Dubai hills properties offers palatial abodes including 10,000 sq foot properties around mammoth villas of 20-25,000 sq feet built up areas most around numerous man made lakes carved out of the desert.

If it's Beach front living you are seeking go no more than Palm Jumeirah, the man made Island located off the shores of Dubai. Here you will see exclusive Signature villa and Tip villas situated on the Fronds ( Branches ) of the man Made Palm Tree. If the budget doesn't stretch here you are able to still find Garden Homes and Canal cove villas all still larger than the average western home inserted in involving the exclusive signature villas.

Major developments are still continuing on the Palm with a crescent located across the Circumference where you are able to find the Kingdom of Sheba, this really is a series of Beachfront estates in similar size to Al Barari and Emirates Hills. which will be the abode for the truly rich and famous.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-09 08:46)

Tags: dubai hills estate dubai hills apartments

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10 Property Management Tips

Have you been trying to find some useful property management tips? If that's the case, you may want to learn the next 10 tips from experts in the field. With your tips, managing property will be a lot easier for you. Read on.

Provide Important Information

Ensure your customers and clients have access to the data concerning the properties. If you actually would like to get the listing, you should be able to generally share most of the relevant information in a efficient manner.

Be Punctual

You need to be committed as far as making arrangements for a meeting or appointment is concerned. Try your absolute best to get at the meeting point at the least a couple of minutes earlier. This is an excellent means of leaving great impression on your own clients.


You need to be well dressed when seeing your clients. This may encourage your clients to treat you well. Moreover, your dress code will tell a great deal about you.


You need to be honest while providing reports and statistics about your properties. Providing misleading or false information to clients is the better solution to destroy your business. The thing you need to complete is find a strategy to deal with the specific situation and get a remedy rather than providing false information.


You must market your property in a highly effective way. The vender could have unrealistically high hopes, but you should be realistic and shouldn't consent to the price offers without taking the time to consider everything. After all, you do not want your property management Dubai to sit vacant for months because the cost was too high.


Advertising your property is of great importance. Make sure the advertisement can be obtained at the best time. Therefore, you should be ready with a draft on time. Regardless of this, it's better that you get approval from the vender ahead of uploading the advertisement on your own site.


Ensure you take some professional photos of the properties and upload them on your own site. Ideally, it's advisable to take at the least 4 pictures of each property. The pictures should be extracted from different angles. Putting several videos along with photos can also be a great idea.

Remain in Touch

You must send updates and reports to the property owners on a typical basis. As a matter of fact, maintaining great relationship with your clients pays. Losing a consumer is easier than gaining a new one. Therefore, you need to stay touch with your clients.


You need to know your database. Your prospective clients should receive exactly the same amount of respect as do your existing clients. Therefore, it's advisable to take a look at your list of clients from time and energy to time.

Background checks

Ensure you do background checks on your own tenants. The thing you need to complete is do rigorous background checks on the personal information, tenancy history and employment history of one's tenants. This is a superb means of making certain you're on the safe side.


Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-07 06:54)

Tags: property management dubai property management companies dubai dubai property management companies

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How to Get a Job in Dubai

Dubai is possibly one of the last places left in the world where there's an active jobs market - at the least that's how it feels to many living in the UK and the USA where job cuts are now actually typical as companies have the economic pinch and rein in spending by cutting back staff.

As a result, there's active interest in working overseas, and one particular location where there will be a lot of focus is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The city and emirate of the exact same name provides a tax-free lifestyle to international employers, and what's more, sunlight almost always shines in Dubai and the life style is incredibly luxurious.

These factors accumulate in the location's favour, as does the truth that although affected by the global credit crisis, Dubai employers still have jobs readily available for well-qualified individuals from around the globe in many industries...

If you're looking to move abroad to reside and work for a time frame and you fancy the notion of a tax-free salary and an extremely exciting lifestyle, then Dubai could well be the main selection for you. But how will you get a job in Dubai - after all, it is a location a considerable ways away for most of us, and one where you need a job to really have a visa to go and live there? Well, you will find a number of means of finding gainful employment in


One single of the most vibrant locations on the planet, and they include the next: -

1) Visiting an employment expo - in certain countries on the planet where Dubai recruits heavily from, including the UK, you will find annual employment emaar golf expo villas. These give one the opportunity to attend and meet up with potential employers in your given industry, see what sorts of jobs can be found with which salary package, talk with relocation experts and even find out about how to get a visa to go on to live and work in Dubai. For all these expos are the way in to a fresh life and career in Dubai. They marry employers with job seekers, they give those wanting a job with the visa they require to go on to the emirate and take up employment, and what's more, they're probably the least hassle method to at the least get your name and resume known with recruiters in your particular employment sector. Take a look at local and national press for information on any expos happening near you.

2) Employing a recruitment company - you will find specialist recruitment companies dealing in hiring western staff for the UAE and Dubai specifically, there's also specialist recruiters for given industries including the oil and gas industry, teaching or medical professions, and there's also general recruitment firms that operate the whole world over. You are able to access these companies online and target the ones most applicable to you. Submit your CV and a covering letter and always follow-up with a call and find out exactly about what the recruitment company can perform for you. Remember, it is in their best interests to position you as they then win their fee or commission, so work with them to find the correct job for you.

3) Targeting employers remotely - you can find out which companies are functioning in Dubai in your given employment sector. You certainly can do so thanks to the Internet or through networking within your industry. Once you have the contact information on companies that you may work for in Dubai, you will need to make contact with every one consequently and find out about any open positions that you could be suitable for. Many companies have listings of vacancies online - others have details of their personnel and recruitment departments. All these details is invaluable to someone buying a job in Dubai. If you contact companies with a job application or by simply sending in your resume and a covering letter detailing your skills and how and why you want to work for the organization in question, ensure you follow-up with a call and be proactive in ensuring the organization considers you seriously and at the least keeps your information on file for any jobs in the future.

4) Visiting Dubai and looking for work - the last approach for those absolutely devoted to finding a job in Dubai is to secure a trip visa for a short-term visit to Dubai and then go door to door targeting recruiters and employers. Maybe it's wise to setup meetings and interviews before your visit, and observe that the weekend in Dubai runs from Friday to Saturday and that public holidays in the emirate are on the basis of the Muslim calendar - so schedule time in the emirate at the perfect point where you can bypass and see as many people as possible. Also have copies of your organization card, CV and a covering letter about you to ultimately hand, and push yourself forward if you're determined to find a job and live and work in Dubai as competition is heating up!

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-04 12:21)

Tags: expo golf emaar parkside by emaar expo gold villas emaar emaar golf expo villas

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