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Dubai: A Global Talent Magnet

For some time now, expats have now been flocking to Dubai searching for an improved paying job than their domicile can provide. While Dubai's job market has not been completely immune to the impact of global economic crisis, Dubai remains one of the global talent magnets.

The town is preparing to host the World Expo 2020, which is likely to offer a big boost to the economy of Dubai, and especially to the real estate, tourism, and the job market. The Expo gold villas emaar can lead to the long-term job creation, over another seven years - and beyond.

A thrilling, vibrant city that's continuing to advance and develop, and tax-free income, make Dubai employment seeker's dream. And in addition, your competition for jobs is stiff.

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At an instant, on every vacancy advertised, you can find a huge selection of job candidates. According to the recruitment agencies, there will be more jobs available as the economy improves. For the present time, job seekers can only be advised to be proactive to find a vacancy, and push hard for employment. Networking is among the main things you are advised to complete, either to locate or to improve employment in Dubai.

Dubai is a good area for a lifetime career change. The employers here tend to be more receptive toward these kind of moves, if you're able to show them that you have the potential and skills to bring to a job. There will be a lot of affordable training in Dubai: consider a class in Arabic language and culture, cultural awareness or similar, after you land employment in Dubai. Consider getting an MBA degree if you're aiming for a managerial position.

Since a large proportion of job seekers is highly educated, ensure that your CV spells out any little thing that may set you aside from other candidates (internships, volunteering), and be prepared to back it down when questioned about this in the interview.

There are several local customs you are advised to follow along with in the event that you manage to have an interview for employment in Dubai. In Arabic culture, it's regarded as offensive to point the sole of one's shoe toward someone. You're advised to dress conservatively: men are expected to dress in a suit and tie, and women should cover their knees and shoulders. When a female is meeting her potential employer, she should watch for a man to supply his hand first.

The recent economic crisis has just given Dubai a way to consolidate for further, more sustainable growth. It is almost certain that there will be more jobs created in the foreseeable future - and even more job candidates.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-11 14:38)

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