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Dubai - The Perfect Vacation Destination

The revamped Dubai might be young but it is high in everything tourists want from a great vacation. The best possible shops and restaurants line streets of Dubai and there are so several things to do that a 14 days won't be adequate to get at them all. Dubai has become among typically the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

                                                   summer creek beach

Ride the Dunes

When you yourself have ever taken a ride in a dune buggy, you've experienced a tiny taste of what's awaiting you in the desert of Dubai. When you be in an SUV driven with a specially trained desert driver, you're embarking on the knowledge of a lifetime. Dune bashing, or riding up and down the dunes at top speed for a number of hours and then ending the evening with dinner and dancing is the perfect way to combine adventure and romance. If dinner and music is not to your to your liking, you might continue steadily to ride the dunes well in to the evening. Dune bashing is a favorite attraction in Dubai.

Ski the Great Indoors

Who ever could have thought there would be skiing in Dubai? Who ever could have thought there would be skiing anywhere that is located inside a building? But there is and it is a wonderful experience. The Mall of Emirates contains one of the largest ski centers and rents out all the apparatus you need. The temperature in the ski area is -4 degrees Celsius - enough to keep the snow from melting and the fun from ending. Like that have been not enough, a brand new indoor ski center opens up in 2010 -- the Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome in Dubailand.

From Snow to Sand - Dubai's Beaches

If warm sand, water and beaches are more to your liking, Dubai offers unbelievable beaches. The water temperatures average 22 degrees Celsius in the winter and 35 in the summer Creek Beach. Be sure to use sunscreen when hanging out on Dubai's beautiful beaches. If diving is on your brain, Fujairah, Sharjah and Khor Fakkan are less than two hours away. Dive the coral reefs and spending some time mingling with the marine life living off the coast of Dubai.

Cruise the Creek

Shipping once defined the very existence of Dubai. Ports that once served African, Indian and Middle Eastern trading ships are actually viewable from a fascinating cruise down Dubai Creek. It's not only the ports which can be interesting. The Dubai Creek Cruise will get you past numerous historical buildings that return back hundreds of years.

Sand Golfing

Don't let deficiencies in green grass stop you from enjoying a round of golf. Dubai thumbs its nose at convention and offers tourists the opportunity to play golf in the sand. Other golf courses penalize for balls that land in the sand. Here, landing in sand is par for the course - so to speak.

Up, Up and Away in a Beautiful Balloon

Who hasn't dreamed of having a ride in a hot air balloon? A sunrise or sunset ride through the skies above the mountains and deserts of Dubai can be a dream come true. After having a day of fun, experience beautiful Dubai from the skies.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-21 17:45)

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