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Ultimate Luxury Properties for Sale in Dubai

Dubai has attracted many celebrities to its shores with the promise of year around sun and Tax free status and what also attracts the rich and famous will be the luxurious villas and penthouses.

Dubai offers many exclusive villas but few come as exclusive as Al Barari villas. The Al Barari concept is of very good specification villas situated on the edge of the Dubailand development in the royal part of Nad Al Sheba. The villas are found in clusters across the royal nature reserve, Al Barari actually means wilderness.

dubai hills properties

The Villas were created for the high end market and feature 4 main designs of Acacia, Bromeli, Camelia and Dahlia. The complete project is very much on a botanical theme with 24 botanical gardens and 1000 species of plants brought in from 20 countries and actually grown in Al Bararis individual development.

Additional to the villas there would have been a collection of apartments and retails outlets and complemented by a very good specification boutique hotel.

Emirates Hills like Al Barari offers a number of the finest villas and mansions located across the exclusive world famous Golf Span of the same name. The Villas in Dubai hills properties offers palatial abodes including 10,000 sq foot properties around mammoth villas of 20-25,000 sq feet built up areas most around numerous man made lakes carved out of the desert.

If it's Beach front living you are seeking go no more than Palm Jumeirah, the man made Island located off the shores of Dubai. Here you will see exclusive Signature villa and Tip villas situated on the Fronds ( Branches ) of the man Made Palm Tree. If the budget doesn't stretch here you are able to still find Garden Homes and Canal cove villas all still larger than the average western home inserted in involving the exclusive signature villas.

Major developments are still continuing on the Palm with a crescent located across the Circumference where you are able to find the Kingdom of Sheba, this really is a series of Beachfront estates in similar size to Al Barari and Emirates Hills. which will be the abode for the truly rich and famous.

Post by tuuliloiri (2019-05-09 08:46)

Tags: dubai hills estate dubai hills apartments

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